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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2003The U.S. -proposed "trusteeship agreement" for Palestine: The UN-styled plan that could have avoided forcible displacement of the Palestinian refugees in 1948Boling, G.J. 
2020U.S. policy toward the Israeli-Palestinian conflict under the Trump Administration: continuity or change?Erdogan, Ayfer ; Habash, Lourdes 
2000Ultrahigh electron acceleration and Compton emission spectra in a superintense laser pulse and a uniform axial magnetic fieldSalamin, Yousef I. ; Faisal, Farhad H. M. 
2007UMPTEEN: named and anonymous learner model access for instructors and peersAbu Issa, Abdallatif; Bull, Susan; Mabbott, Andrew
1993An uncountable collection of mutually incomparable chainable continuaAwartani, Marwan M. 
1895Under crescent and starHaggard, Andrew, 1854-1923
2011Under fire: Doing research in warlike conditionsGiacaman, Rita ; Rabaia, Yoke ; Nguyen-Gillham, Viet 
1911Underground Jerusalem : discoveries on the hill of Ophel (1909-11)Vincent, Louis-Hugues, 1872-1960
1896Underground Russia : revolutionary profiles and sketches from lifeLavroff, Peter
2012Understanding Palestinian diplomacy in 21st century : future, prospective and the role of the EU in fostering the Palestinian statehoodKhalil, Amir 
1996Understanding Palestinian Women: A Critical Assessment of the Literature on Women in PalestineTaraki, Lisa
2010Understanding the causes of sludge bulking and foaming phenomena at Al-Bireh wastewater treatment plantHasan, Eman Ahmad
2015Understanding the Prevention of Unintentional Injuries at Home among Children Under Five Years from Ramallah District: Multiple-Case StudiesAlrimawi, Intima'; Hall, Carol; Craig Watson, Michael
2015Understanding Women Entrepreneurship in a Conflict regionSultan, Suhail
1912Une relation de la huitieme campagne de Sargon (714 av. J.-C.) texte assyrien inedit, publie et traduit par Francois Thureau-DanginSargon, King of Assyria, -B.C. 705
26-Mar-2019UNESCO‚Äôs sustainable development goal #7 : affordable & clean energyShalash, Ibrahim 
2013A unified structural/terminological interoperability framework based on LexEVS: application to TRANSFoRmTaweel, Adel; Dameron, Olivier; Verheij, Robert; Arvanitis, Theodoros
1987Union leaders' willingness to negotiate concessionsAbboushi, Suhail 
1999Uniqueness for a one-dimensional inverse parabolic problemElayyan, Alaeddin
1999Uniqueness for a one-dimensional inverse parabolic problemElayyan, Alaeddin