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Title: Ultrahigh electron acceleration and Compton emission spectra in a superintense laser pulse and a uniform axial magnetic field
Authors: Salamin, Yousef I. 
Faisal, Farhad H. M. 
Keywords: Electron accelerators;Analytic solution;laser fields;Magnetic fields
Issue Date: 2000
Abstract: Exact expressions for the electron trajectory and energy are discussed, which predict very high acceleration, in vacuum, by a laser field and a uniform magnetic field. The laser field is modeled by a sin2 pulse and the initial electron motion, propagation of the laser pulse, and the magnetic field are all chosen in the same direction. An acceleration gradient in the TeV/m range within a very short travel distance of the electron is shown to be possible when a resonance condition is initially met. The acceleration and radiation properties are investigated using a recent analytic solution @F. H. M. Faisal and Y. I. Salamin, Phys. Rev. A 60, 2505 ~1999!# of the corresponding relativistic equations of motion in the laboratory frame. The radiation losses are shown to remain small under the resonance condition and the associated weak emission spectra are found to be characterized by highly irregular line distributions.
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