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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
7-Aug-2018Gamifying the teaching and learning process in an advanced computer programming courseNawahdah, Mamoun
2015Gas-phase reaction kinetics of 1, 3-disilacyclobutane in a hot-wire chemical vapor deposition reactorBadran, Ismail; Shi, Yujun
2011Gaza - Palestine: out of the marginsMehrene, Larudee
2011The Gaza Diamond drawings and wishes of Palestinian teenagersRabaia, Yoke
2009Gaza youth speak out : voices for change : a participatory research studyEila, Mohammad
2002A gender analysis of micro-credit programs in Palestine : three case studiesAbu Nahleh, Lamis
1995Gender and developmentMoghadam, Valentine M.
1995Gender and developmentMoghadam, Valentine M. 
1995Gender and development (introduction)Birzeit University. Institute of Women's Studies
1997Gender and Development IndicatorsJohnson, Penny
2017Gender and migration : Beit Hanina as a case studySalah Aldeen, Noura
2010Gender and Migration in PalestineKhalil, Asem
2001Gender and Poverty in Palestine: Critical IssuesJohnson, Penny
2001Gender differences in physical activity among Birzeit University first year studentsShamshoum, Kamal
2022Gender differences in the price elasticity of demand for waterpipe and cigarette smoking in Lebanon, Jordan and Palestine: a volumetric choice experimentAwawda, Sameera ; Chalak, Ali ; Khader, Yousef ; Mostafa, Aya ; Abla, Ruba ; Nakkash,Rima ; Jawad, Mohammed ; Salloum, Ramzi G. ; Abu-Rmeileh, Niveen M.E. 
2020Gender differences in waterpipe tobacco smoking among university students in four Eastern Mediterranean countriesHamadeh, Randah R. ; Lee, Juhan ; Abu-Rmeileh, Niveen M. E. ; Darawad, Muhammad ; Mostafa, Aya ; Kheirallah, Khalid A. ; Yusufali, Afzalhussein ; Thomas, Justin ; Salama, Mohamed ; Nakkash, Rima ; Salloum, Ramzi G. 
Apr-2020Gender effect on the pharmacokinetics of thymoquinone : preclinical investigation and in silico modeling in male and female ratsAhmad, Ajaz ; Alqahtani, Saeed ; Jan, Basit Latief ; Raish, Mohammad ; Rabba, Abdullah K. ; Alkharfy, Khalid M. 
2005Gender gap in returns to schooling in PalestineDaoud, Yousef 
2001Gender indicators in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip : the Beijing conference recommendations as reference : proceedings of a workshop, 22 November, 2000Birzeit University. Development Studies Program
Nov-2016Gender mainstreaming and blackout : an analytical essay on models of the Palestinian media coverage of women's issuesMasharqa, Saleh