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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1997Ternary copper(II) Complexes of the anticonvulsant drug valproate with diimines as superoxide dismutase mimicsAbu Hijleh, Abdullatif
2015Territoriality and the technics of drylands science in Palestine and North AmericaTesdell, Omar
2011Testing for correlation and causality relationships between stock prices and macroeconomic variables : the case of Palestine Securities ExchangeHarasheh, Murad; Abu Libdeh, Haneen
Sep-2016Testing the Validity of Capital Assets Pricing Model: Evidence from Palestinian Exchange MarketAbusharbeh, Mohammed T.; Atari, Sana’ Sous
2002Tetra(pyrrolidino)diborane(4), [(C4H8N)2B]2, as a New Improved Alternative Synthetic Route to Bis(pinacolato)diborane(4) 2 Crystal Structures of the IntermediatesAbu Ali, Hijazi; Goldberg, Israel; Srebnik, Morris
2002Thalassemia Patients' Situation during the Israeli Re-invasion of the West BankDaoud, Amal
Jul-2010The impact of institutional investors on the performance of companies listed at the PSEHarasheh, Murad
2006Themomagnetic phenomena in layerd conductorsKirichenko, O. V.; Peschanskii, V. G.; Hasan, Ra'ed
2004Theoretical and Experimental Investigation of an ammonia- water power and refrigeration thermodynamic cycleHasan, Afif
2003A theoretical battle field : a war led by neorealism and institutionalismBeck, Martin; El-Nakhala, Doaa' H.
Jan-2001Theoretical Framework of Financing Subsidized Housing in a Developing EnvironmentSabri, Nidal
1994Thermal energy storage system with stearic acid as phase change materialAkel, Afif
2005Thermal expansion of aluminum–fly ash cenosphere composites synthesized by pressure infiltration techniqueAl Araj, Simon; Rohatgi, P. K.; Gupta, N.
Sep-2005Thermal kaon production in relativistic heavy-ion collisionsGiacaman, Henry
2007Thermoelectric effects in organic conductors in strong magnetic fieldsKirichenko, O. V.; Peschanskii, V. G.; Hasan, Ra'ed
1997Thermosyphon solar water heaters: effect of storage tank volume and configuration on efficiencyHasan, Afif
2003theta-closed sets and R-subcontinuitySaleh, Mohammad
2000Theta-closure and Housdorff spacesSaleh, Mohammad
2014They came at midnight...". A report on the impact of detention on the children of Palestinian political detainees in Israel prisonsCorey, Balsam
1914Things seen in EgyptButcher, E. L. (Edith Louisa)