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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Silvestre de Sacy et les Druzes: réflexions sur la politique du savoir et l’utilisation conjoncturelle des traditionsFakher Eldin, Munir
Sep-2015Simplified staged-homogenous Markov model for flexible pavement performance predictionAbaza, Khaled
2006Simulation of greenhouses with phase change materials (PCMs)Najjar, Atyah M.
2015Simulation of transboundary wastewater resource management scenarios in the Wadi Zomer watershed, using a WEAP modelYaqob, Eyad; Al-Sa'ed, Rashed; Sorial, George; Suidan, Makram
2017Simulation Software Enhanced Student UnderstandingHammad, Ibrahim; Tubaileh, Allan; Alkafafi, Loay
2005Simulation, Analysis, and Advanced Control of selected Nonliner Dynamic SystemTiti, Jafar I.
Sep-2013Sina Institute R & D strategyOmran, Omar; Amer, Leila; Abu Helou, Mamoun; Viscusi, Gianluigi; Jarrar, Mustafa
1878Sinai : From the fourth Egyptian dynasty to the present dayPalmer, H. Spencer (Henry Spencer),1838-1893
1875Sinai and Palestine : in connection with their historyStanley, Arthur Penrhyn ,1815-1881
1999A Single-Stage Zero-Voltage Zero-Current Switched Full-Bridge dc Power Supply with Extended Load Power RangeEspinosa, Jose; Jain, Praveen; Ismail, Nasser
Feb-2014Situation analysis of transboundary wastewater management - The case of Israel / Palestine bordersYaqob, Eyad; Al-Sa'ed, Rashed; Sorial, George; Suidan, Makram
2013A six-axis single-stage active vibration isolator based on Stewart platformAbu Hanieh, Ahmed; Horodinca, Mihaita; Romanescu, I.; de Marneffe, B.; Avraam, M.; Deraemeker, A.; Bossens, F.
2002Six-degree-of-freedom hexapods for active damping and active isolation of vibrationsAbu Hanieh, Ahmed; Horodinca, Mihaita; Preumont, Andre
1939A sixth century monastery at Beth-Shan : ScythopolisFitzgerald, G. M. (Gerald Mines), 1883-
1997Sizing solar space heating system: a case studyAkel, Afif
2006Skin injuries caused by new riot control agent used against civilians on the West BankHay, Alastair
Oct-2008Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs in PalestineSabri, Nidal
Jan-2011Smoking among adolescents and teenagers living under conflict: cross-sectional surveys in three settingsAbu-Rmeileh, Niveen; Alderete, Ethel; Duque, Luis Fernando; Montoya, Nilton E.; Perez-Stable, Eliseo; Husseini, Abdullatif
2010Smoking and associated factors in the Occupied Palestinian TerritoryHusseini, Abdullatif; Khatib, Rasha; Giacaman, Rita; Abu-Rmeileh, Niveen
2008Smoking and associated factors in the Occupied Palestinian Territory : an analysis of three demographic and health surveys (1995, 2000, and 2004)Khatib, Rasha; Husseini, Abdullatif; Abu-Rmeileh, Niveen