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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006Towards a new tricontinental ? shifting perspectives and realities in the international systemHeacock, Roger
Oct-2019Towards a sustainability model for olive sector in PalestineAbu Hanieh, Ahmed ; Karaeen, Mohammad ; Hasan, Afif 
Jun-1998Towards a Viable Computer Industry in Developing Nations: The West Bank CaseYahya, Adnan
2001Towards alternative self - reliant agricultural developmentKurzom, George
2009Towards an emerging paradigm of critical community psychology in PalestineMakkawi, Ibrahim
2007Towards automated reasoning on ORM schemes mapping ORM into the DLRidf description logicJarrar, Mustafa
2015Towards automatic construction of Arabic synonymsNasr, Eman
2015Towards building a corpus for Palestinian dialectAkra, Diyam Fuad
2014Towards building linguistic ontology via cross-language matchingAbu Helou, Mamoun; Palmonari, Matteo; Jarrar, Mustafa; Fellbaum, Christiane
2017Towards decolonizing community psychology : insights from the Palestinian colonial contextMakkawi, Ibrahim
2008Towards effectiveness and transparency in e-business transactions : an ontology for customer complaint managementJarrar, Mustafa
1999Towards gender equity in the Palestinian TerritoriesAbu Nahleh, Lamis
2005Towards methodological principles for ontology engineeringJarrar, Mustafa
2007Towards pattern-based reasoning for friendly ontology debuggingJarrar, Mustafa; Heymans, Stijn
Apr-2010Towards query optimization for the data web - two disk-based algorithms : trace equivalence and bisimilarityHawash, Ala'; Deik, Anton; Farraj, Bilal; Jarrar, Mustafa
14-Apr-1997Towards sustainable North-South scientific collaborationYahya, Adnan; Salamin, Yousef
16-Nov-2009Towards sustainable wastewater reuse in the MENA regionAbu Madi, Maher; Al-Sa'ed, Rashed
2011Towards sustainable water quality : management of rainwater harvesting cisterns in Southern PalestineKhatib, Issam; Al-Salaymeh, Adel Abdel-Halim; Arafat, Hasan
1989Towards the Formulation of a Rehabilitation Policy: Disability in the West BankBirzeit University. Institute of Community and Public Health
May-2006Towards the notion of gloss, and the adoption of linguistic resources in formal ontology engineeringJarrar, Mustafa