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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Water Footprint of the Palestinians in the West BankMimi, Ziad; Siebel, Maarten; Zaag, Pieter van der; Nazer, Dima; Gijzen, Huub
4-Apr-2018Water from wastewater towards quenching Palestinians` thirst: an Israeli environmental justice?Al-Sa'ed, Rashed
2011Water harvesting is a feasible option to optimize water shortage a case of Ein Qinia village, West BankSamhan, Samhan; Ghanem, Marwan; Carlier, Erick
2013Water in PalestineBarakat, Rana
1999Water resources and water demand management for arid and semi-arid areas : West Bank as a case studyMimi, Ziad
2006Water Resources Assessment for Al-Auja Surface and Sub-Surface Catchments , West Bank , PalestineAbadi, Almotazbellah A.
2000Water rights and uses in Midland PalestineItmazah, Abdul Halim
1987Water Supply, Sanitation and Health in the West BankBirzeit University. Institute of Community and Public Health
2003Water- health relationships in developing countries: a case study in Tulkarem district in PalestineKhatib, Issam; Kamal, Sana'; Taha, Basem; Al Hamad, Jamil; Jaber, Hatem
Jul-2003Water?-?health relationships in developing countries: A case study in Tulkarem district in PalestineKhatib, Issam
Jul-2017Waterpipe and cigarette tobacco smoking among Palestinian university students : a cross-sectional studyTucktuck, Marina; Ghandour, Rula; Abu-Rmeileh, Niveen
2009Watershed erosion risk assessment and management utilizing revised universal soil loss equation-geographic information systems in the Mediterranean environmentsAbu Hammad, Ahmad
1912Wayfarers in the Libyan DesertAlexander, Frances Gordon
2013Weakly injective and weakly projective modules versus extending and lifting modulesSaleh, Mohammad; Abu Alhalawa, Arwa
1994Weakly projective and weakly injective modulesJain, S. K.; Lopez-Permouth, S. R.; Oshiro, K.; Saleh, Mohammad
2015Weighted protein residue networks based on joint recurrences between residuesKarain, Wael; Qaraeen, Nael
30-Aug-2016Well-being and associated factors among adults in the occupied Palestinian territory (oPt)Harsha, Nouh; Ziq, Loai; Ghandour, Rula; Giacaman, Rita
1946Western Arabia and the Red Sea-
1-Nov-2017Whale optimization approaches for wrapper feature selectionMafarja, Majdi; Mirjalili, Seyedali
2010What Matters? Considering the Future of Cultural Heritage in PalestineAl Jubeh, Nazmi