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Title: Palestinian women’s feelings and opinions about vaginal examinations (VE) during normal childbirth
Authors: Hassan, Sahar
Sundby, Johanne
Husseini, Abdullatif
Bjertness, Espen
Keywords: Generative organs, Female - Examination - Palestine;Childbirth - Palestine;Pregnant women - Care and hygiene
Issue Date: 5-Mar-2012
Publisher: Lancet Palestinian Health Alliance Conference (LPHA)
Abstract: A descriptive exploratory study. Using a semi-structured questionnaire, we interviewed a representative sample of women in the postpartum ward a few hours before discharge from a governmental hospital. The interviews were conducted during two random days each week over 4 months in 2008. Each day, after identification of all eligible cases , we interviewed every other woman . A total of 176 women were interviewed out of 1,489 women who delivered over the 4 months.
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