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Title: Synthesis of nitro- And aminoisoflavones and their effects on the proliferation of endothelial cells
Authors: Al-Maharik, Nawaf 
Jaradat, Nidal 
Hidmi, Adel 
Keywords: Nitroisoflavone;Aminoisoflavone;Isoflavones;Endothelial Cells
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: Journal of the Chemical Society of Pakistan
Abstract: The new nitroisofalvones 2a-k were synthesized via nitration of the corresponding isoflavones 1a-f using NH4NO3/TFAA in acetonitrile. The aminoisoflavones 3a-g, also new, were produced by selective reduction of the corresponding nitro isoflavones with SnCl2.2H2O. The nitro- and aminoisoflavones, tested in vitro concerning their effects on the proliferation of endothelial cells showed modest activities. All the new products are fully characterized and the nitro compounds analyzed thoroughly by NMR to allow complete assignment of the proton and carbon resonance and to establish the orientation of nitration.
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