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Title: Natural polysaccharides as preventive and therapeutic horizon for neurodegenerative diseases
Authors: Dhahri, Manel 
Alghrably, Mawadda 
Mohammed, Hamdoon A. 
Badshah, Syed Lal 
Noreen, Noreen 
Mouffouk, Fouzi 
Rayyan, Saleh 
Qureshi, Kamal A. 
Mahmood, Danish 
Lachowicz, Joanna Izabela 
Jaremko, Mariusz 
Emwas, Abdul-Hamid 
Keywords: Microbial polysaccharides;Polysaccharides, Bacterial;Medical microbiology;Neuroprotection;Regulated cell death;Neurodegenerative;Neurodegenerative diseases;Parkinson's disease;Alzheimer's disease
Issue Date: 2022
Publisher: Pharmaceutics
Abstract: Neurodegenerative diseases are a serious and widespread global public health burden amongst aging populations. The total estimated worldwide global cost of dementia was US$818 billion in 2015 and has been projected to rise to 2 trillion US$ by 2030. While advances have been made to understand different neurodegenerative disease mechanisms, effective therapeutic strategies do not generally exist. Several drugs have been proposed in the last two decades for the treatment of different types of neurodegenerative diseases, with little therapeutic benefit, and often with severe adverse and side effects. Thus, the search for novel drugs with higher efficacy and fewer drawbacks is an ongoing challenge in the treatment of neurodegenerative disease. Several natural compounds including polysaccharides have demonstrated neuroprotective and even therapeutic effects. Natural polysaccharides are widely distributed in plants, animals, algae, bacterial and fungal species, and have received considerable attention for their wide-ranging bioactivity, including their antioxidant, anti-neuroinflammatory, anticholinesterase and anti-amyloidogenic effects. In this review, we summarize different mechanisms involved in neurodegenerative diseases and the neuroprotective effects of natural polysaccharides, highlighting their potential role in the prevention and therapy of neurodegenerative disease.
DOI: 10.3390/pharmaceutics14010001
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