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Title: Modeling, identification, and control of a Discrete Variable Stiffness Actuator (DVSA)
Authors: Hussain, Irfan 
Albalasie, Ahmad 
Awad, Mohammad I. 
Gan, Dongming 
Keywords: Variable Stiffness Actuators (VSA);Linear Quadratic Control (LQR);Linear control systems;Control theory;Computed Torque Control (CTC);Manipulators (Mechanism) - Design;Automatic control;Complaint manipulator
Issue Date: 2019
Abstract: A branch of robotics, variable impedance actuation, along with one of its subfields variable stiffness actuation (VSA) targets the realization of complaint robotic manipulators. In this paper, we present the modeling, identification, and control of a discrete variable stiffness actuator (DVSA), which will be developed for complaint manipulators in the future. The working principle of the actuator depends on the involvement of series and parallel springs. We firstly report the conceptual design of a stiffness varying mechanism, and later the details of the dynamic model, system identification, and control techniques are presented. The dynamic parameters of the system are identified by using the logarithmic decrement algorithm, while the control schemes are based on linear quadratic control (LQR) and computed torque control (CTC), respectively. The numerical simulations are performed for the evaluation of each method, and results showed the good potentialities for the system. Future work includes the implementation of the presented approach on the hardware
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