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Title: The role of Arab Christians in the Palestinian National Movement
Authors: Makhoul, Edwar 
Keywords: Arab christians - Political activity - Palestine - Nineteenth century;Arab christians - Political activity - Palestine - Twentieth century;Arab-Israeli conflict - History - Nineteenth century;Arab-Israeli conflict - History - Twentieth century
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: In this book I shall research the factors behind the influx of immigration of Palestinian Christians from the Holy Land to Europe and to the Americas and I will try to answer the question that was addressed in the TV whether the Palestinian Christians flee from the Islamic persecution or due to the economic, social and political instability. Therefore this book analyzes the relations between the Palestinian Christian communities of Mandatory Palestine from the second half of the 19th century to Al-Aqsa Intifada. I would like to say that when I was with a trip to the holy sites of Jerusalem and Bethlehem. I joined with the Melkite Greek Catholic Priest, Fr. Souhail Khoury that narrates to the Palestinian Christian group of the Galilee about the History of the Christian Persecution in Israel that was expressed by torching the door of the Catholic Monastery of Latrun and the torch of New Testament by the Jewish right wing Knesset Member Michael Bin-Arieh. Furthermore, when I visited these Christian populated sites of Beit Sahour and Beit Jala I saw anti-Christian vandalism and anti-Christian graffiti including: Al-Aqsa Martyr Brigades that was written behind the Nativity Church of Bethlehem, Hamas, Intifada and the Islam is the solution. Therefore, in this book we will research the mystery of History and Politics behind the Palestinian Christian Communities in order to analyze the reality of contemporary situation because many of the Palestinian cities that had Christian characteristics and had a large Christian majority that was due to the Israeli Palestinian conflict and these cities were: Bethlehem, Jerusalem, Shefa-‘Amr and Ramallah. We also understand the Christian Immigration from the Holy Land is considered a real threat to Christian Presence in birthplace of Jesus Christ and the cradle of Christianity as well as, because in a Palestinian Christian Session that was held in Beit Sahour, the Greek Orthodox Patriarch of Jerusalem and the Holy Land Theophilous the 3rd called and encouraged the Palestinian Christian to stay in the Holy Land as witnesses to Lord Jesus Christ.
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