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Title: On the hazardous situations due to the presence of HV/MV substations in urban areas
Authors: A’Saed, J. 
Di Silvestre, M. L. 
Sanseverino, E. Riva 
Zizzo, G. 
Colella, P. 
Pons, E. 
Keywords: HV/MV Substations - Urban areas - Safety measures
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: Task: to carry out guidelines for the identification of GGSs. The guidelines must be defined on the basis of the definitions and methods present in the current international standards on grounding and safety and on the other results of the METERGLOB project. • This work study the impact of a 1LtG fault inside a HV/MV station on the ground electrodes of the MV/LV substations connected to the station.HV/MV stations are integrated in the urban context and, therefore, built very close to residential, commercial and tertiary buildings supplied by the LV utility grid. In the event of 1LtE fault occurring on the HV side inside a station, high voltages can be transferred to the closest buildings, creating dangerous situations for persons or damage to equipment insulation.
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