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Title: Stakeholders’ perception of the Palestinian health workforce accreditation and regulation system: a focus on conceptualization, influencing factors and barriers, and the way forward
Authors: Najjar, Shahenaz 
Hafez, Sali 
Al Basuoni, Aisha 
Abu Obaid, Hassan 
Mughnnamin, Ibrahim 
Falana, Hiba 
Sultan, Haya 
Aljeesh, Yousef 
Alkhaldi, Mohammed 
Keywords: Accreditation and regulations;Health personnel - Palestine;Health Workforce Accreditation and Regulation (HWAR);Medical care - Palestine;Medicine - Palestine;Health care - Palestine
Issue Date: 2022
Publisher: International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health
Abstract: The Health Workforce Accreditation and Regulation (HWAR) is a key function of the health system and is the subject of increasing global attention. This study provides an assessment of the factors affecting the Palestinian HWAR system, identifies existing gaps and offers actionable improvement solutions. Data were collected during October and November 2019 in twenty-two semi- structured in-depth interviews conducted with experts, academics, leaders, and policymakers purposely selected from government, academia, and non-governmental organizations. The overall perceptions towards HWAR were inconsistent. The absence of a consolidated HWAR system has led to a lack of communication between actors. Environmental factors also affect HWAR in Palestine. The study highlighted the consensus on addressing further development of HWAR and the subsequent advantages of this enhancement. The current HWAR practices were found to be based on personal initiatives rather than on a systematic evidence-based approach. The need to strengthen law enforcement was raised by numerous participants. Additional challenges were identified, including the lack of knowledge exchange and salary adjustments. HWAR in Palestine needs to be strengthened on the national, institutional, and individual levels through clear and standardized operating processes. All relevant stakeholders should work together through an integrated national accreditation and regulation system.
DOI: 10.3390/ijerph19138131
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