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Title: A legal approach to reduce red light running crashes
Authors: Awadallah, Faisal 
Keywords: Traffic accidents - Prevention;Red light running;Traffic signs and signals;Roads - Interchanges and intersections;Traffic accident investigation Traffic signs and signals Roads -- Interchanges and intersections;Traffic safety - Law and legislations
Issue Date: 2009
Publisher: Transportation Research Record
Abstract: Indecision at the onset of the yellow interval at signalized intersections is one of the main problems facing drivers, especially inexperienced ones. This indecision is fairly justified because the yellow interval duration varies at intersections and also because of the optional use of the all-red interval and its varied duration. This indecision has serious safety consequences for signalized intersections. This paper provides a theoretically based legal approach for reducing red light running crashes. It stresses that all-red intervals are not necessarily a cure for red light running, especially when drivers come to expect an additional safety increment and many try to misuse it. A theoretical analysis has been performed to provide information to aid drivers in deciding how far from the stop line they must stop at the onset of the yellow interval, and when and where they should proceed to cross the intersection. This information is essential in reducing red light running. Delineation of a yellow transverse line at the calculated decision line is proposed as well as instituting a traffic regulation to stop if such line is not crossed at the onset of the yellow interval. Another proposed traffic ordinance is to “yield before go” to vehicles within the intersection at the onset of green. Theoretical, legal, and logical evidence for reducing red light running accidents is provided based on the proposed traffic ordinances. However, statistical valuation is as yet impossible because such traffic ordinances have not been implemented, and there are no before and after data on which to base a statistical analysis.
DOI: 10.3141/2096-14
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