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Title: Evaluating Human Resources Management Polices in the Palestinian Public Sector Comparative Study
Authors: Mohammad W. Hanini 
Ismail S. Iriqat 
Keywords: Human resources management - Comparative study;Personnel management - Palestine - Evaluation;Civil service - Personnel management - Palestine
Issue Date: Jul-2020
Journal: Research Journal of Applied Sciences 
Abstract: Abstract: The purpose of the study is to investigate the development that happened in the policies of human resources management in the Palestinian public sectorin Palestine through a comparison between 2015-2019 for all jobs of human resources departments in the public sector with the help of public employee’s office in Palestine; through the analytical comparative approach. The study concluded that: There has been no significant development in the policies and systems of performance evaluation, training and development processes and motivation systems in the Palestinian public sector during the years 2015 and 2019 as the general degree of performance evaluation policies continued to be at the intermediate level. While there has been a noticeable development in the selection and appointment policies where the study showed a shift in the degree from average to high in terms of adopting merit and competency standards only in employment and selecting the best competencies and elements qualified for the civil service while there has been a noticeable development in job design and organizational structures in the shift from average to high in terms of a noticeable development in terms of achieving a match between the job and its occupant in terms of the required skills and experience, achieving a match between the job and its incumbent in terms of scientific qualifications and enabling work design to create and arouse enthusiasm in the hearts of the public occupants with a remarkable development in terms of creating a formal communication network between departments that allows for a smooth exchange of information, clearly and properly defining the roles and tasks of each employee and the role of the functional structure in avoiding conflict of powers among employees and taking into account specialization in business to reach the maximum possible efficiency
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