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Title: Palestinian Arabic conventional orthography guidelines
Authors: Habash, Nizar
Jarrar, Mustafa
Alrimawi, Faeq
Akra, Diyam Fuad
Zalmout, Nasser
Bartolotti, Eric
Arar, Mahdi Asa'd, 1972-
Keywords: Arabic language - Dialects - Palestine
Arabic language - Orthography and spelling - Palestine
Natural language processing (Computer science)
Issue Date: 1-Jan-2016
Abstract: This technical report describes a general template for Conventional Orthography for Dialectial Arabic creation regardless of dialect and specific details and guidelines for Palestinian Arabic creation. The technical report serves two purposes: defining the general and specific Conventional Orthography for Dialectial Arabic information as well as being the base for a Palestinian CODA. The technical report describes the variations generated by Palestinian Arabic speakers and the sub-dialects of the Palestinian Arabic, and sets guidelines on how to deal with these variations. It also describes the structure of a word and states the clitics and affixs associated with the base word. Moreover, it adds clitics and affixs which are specific to the Palestinain Arabic. the technical report also provides a list of exceptional list that has words with its variations and which variation to be used as the CODA form.
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