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Title: Climate change: impacts, adaptations and policy-making process: Palestine as a case study
Authors: Mimi, Ziad
Zeitoun, Mark
Mason, Michael
Keywords: Climate changes - Palestine
Climate change mitigation - Palestine
Water-supply, Agricultural - Palestine
Climate change mitigation - Economic aspects Palestine
Issue Date: 2009
Abstract: Global climate change related to natural and anthropogenic processes has been the topic of concern and interest world-wide. One of the most significant impacts of the ‘greenhouse effect’ is anticipated to be on water resources. Thus, the impact of climate change appears to be an additional component on top of the large number of existing water-related problems. The present paper will identify key climate change actors, evaluate the potential impacts of climate change, review available literature on climate change, and assess the policy-making mechanisms and priorities for Palestine as a case study. Climate adaptation measures, adaptive capacity, gaps in policies, research and other country-specific issues and institutional limitations are also identified
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