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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2002A gender analysis of micro-credit programs in Palestine : three case studiesAbu Nahleh, Lamis
1997Gender and Development IndicatorsJohnson, Penny
2001Gender and Poverty in Palestine: Critical IssuesJohnson, Penny
1999Gender, Rights and Development in a Time of Transition: A Country Gender Profile of the Palestinian TerritoriesJohnson, Penny
2004Gender: Assessment of Implementation of ICPD Program of ActionJohnson, Penny
2002The impact of political violence on Palestinian womenKuttab, Eileen
2003In the Public Interest: Public Revenues, Social Allocations and Social Needs in PalestineJohnson, Penny
1995Investing in Half the Population: World Bank and Economic Policy in Gender and Public PolicyKuttab, Eileen
2004Islamic Law and the Transition to Palestinian Statehood: Constraints and Opportunities for Legal ReformJohnson, Penny
2005Islamist women of Hamas : a new women’s movement ?Jad, Islah
1995Israel`s economic strategy in the Middle EastHilal, Jamil
2006Living Together in A Nation in Fragments: Dynamics of Kin, Place and NationJohnson, Penny
2005Meeting the Housing Needs of Palestinian Women and MenKuttab, Eileen
2006Modernity aborted and reborn : ways of being urban in twentieth-century PalestineTaraki, Lisa
1998National Poverty ReportJohnson, Penny
2006New challenges for the Palestinian women’s movement in PalestineKuttab, Eileen
2004The ‘NGOisation’ of the Arab women’s movementJad, Islah
2002Palestine Time Use Survey: Housework, Child Care and Community ServiceJohnson, Penny
2004Palestine, Protest, IntifadasJohnson, Penny
2015Palestine’s Day in Court? The Unexpected Effects of ICC ActionValentina, Azarova