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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Anaemia prevalence and associated sociodemographic and dietary factors among Palestinian adolescents in the West BankMikki, Nahed
2012Assessment of services for diabetes mellitus clinics in Ramallah, West Bank, occupied Palestinian territory: an evaluation studyMikki, Nahed
2004Assessment of waste amalgam management in dental clinics in Ramallah and al-Bireh cities in PalestineKhatib, Issam
2003Bacteriological and chemical quality of swimming pools water in developing countries: a case study in the West Bank of PalestineKhatib, Issam
2008Building the infrastructure, modeling the nation: the case of birth in PalestineWick, Laura
2006Can action on health achieve political and social reform?Jabbour, Samer
2010The challenges of academic and community partnerships under military occupation and the complexity of power relationsRabaia, Yoke; Gillham, Viet Nguyen
2009Child abuse and neglect services in the occupied Palestinian territoryHalileh, Samia; Abdullah, A.
2013Child discipline in the occupied Palestinian territory: a cross-sectional studyShojaia, Haya
2010Child health in the West Bank: Experiences from implementing a paediatric course for Palestinian doctors and nurses working in primary careAlistair,Morris; Rudolph, Mary; Halileh, Samia
2005Childbirth in PalestineWick, Laura
2013Cognitive caregiving for parents in the occupied Palestinian territory: a cross-sectional surveyAl-Shami, Ni'meh A.
2001A community of citizens: disability rehabilitation in the Palestinian transition to statehoodGiacaman, Rita
2005Coping with conflictGiacaman, Rita
2007Demand assessment and price-elasticity estimation of quality-improved primary health care in Palestine: a contribution from the contingent valuation methodMataria, Awad
2006Determinants of anemia in pre-school children in the occupied Palestinian territoryHalileh, Samia
2013Determinants of stunting in children younger than 5 years between 2006 and 2010 in the occupied Palestinian territory: a cross-sectional studyHammoudeh, Weeam
2010Dietary habits of Palestinian adolescents and associated sociodemographic characteristics in Ramallah, Nablus and Hebron governoratesMikki, Nahed
2012Dignity and its components in Palestinian adolescents and young people: a pilot studyZeina, Amro
2007Disturbing distortionsGiacaman, Rita