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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1912Handbook for travellers in Syria and PalestineKarl Baedeker (Firm)
1903Handbook for travellers in Syria and PalestineJohn Murray (Firm) 
1905A handbook of Greek and Roman sculpture : to accompany a collection of reproductions of Greek and Roman sculptureMach, Edmund von, 1870-1927
1909A handbook of Greek archaeologyFowler, Harold North, 1859-1955; Wheeler, James Rignall, 1859-1918; Stevens, Gorham Phillips, 1876-
1930The handbook of Palestine and Trans-JordanLuke, Harry, Sir, 1884-1969; Keith-Roach, Edward, 1885-1954
1928A handbook of the law of criminal procedure in PalestineKermack, S. G.
1901A handbook on parliamentary practiceWaples, Rufus, 1825-1902 
1875Handbuch der biblischen archaologieKeil, Carl Friedrich, 1807-1888 
1907Hebraische archaologieBenzinger, I. (Immanuel), 1865-1935
1907Hebraische archaologie.Benzinger, I. (Immanuel), 1865-1935 
1907Hebrew and English lexicon of the Old TestamentBrown, Francis, 1849-1916 
1892Hegel's lectures on the history of philosophy vol.1George W. F. Hegel 
1892Hegel's lectures on the history of philosophy vol.3Hegel, George W. F. 
1893The Hellenic portraits from the Fayum at present in the collection of Herr GrafEbers, Georg, 1837-1898
1922Here & there among the papyriMilligan, George
2022Higher education in PalestineShalabi, Fahum 
1933Histoire du regne du khedive IsmailDouin, Georges
1906The historical bases of religions : primitive, Babylonian and JewishBrown, Hiram Chellis
1844The historical geography of Arabia; or, The patriarchal evidences of revealed religion: a memoirForster, Charles ,d. 1871
1890The historical geography of Asia minorRamsay, W.M.