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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2001Institutional structures in Palestinian refugee camps in the West Bank and the Gaza StripSaid, Nader Izzat
1948International governmentEagleton, Clyde, 1891-1958 
1948International lawFenwick, Charles G. (Charles Ghequiere), 1880-1973 
1927International lawBirkenhead, Frederick Edwin Smith, Earl of, 1872-1930 ; Hughes, Ronw Moelwyn, 1897-1955 
1920International law and the world warGarner, James Wilford, 1871-1938 
1898The International library of famous literatureDole, Nathan Haskell 1852-1935
1898The International library of famous literatureDole, Nathan Haskell, 1852-1935
1947International relations between the two world wars, 1919-1939Carr, Edward Hallett, 1892-1982 
2006Introduction the Palestinian criminal justice system : development, reform and challengesAbdelbaqi, Mustafa
1899An introduction to Greek sculptureUpcott, Lewis Edward
1934Introduction to Roman lawHunter, William A. (William Alexander), 1844-1898 ; Lawson, F. H. (Frederick Henry), 1897-1983 
1931An introduction to Roman-Dutch lawLee, R. W. (Robert Warden), 1868-1958. 
1948An introduction to the history of sociologyBarnes, Harry Elmer, 1889-1968 
1926Introduction to the study of the law of the constitutionDicey, Albert Venn, 1835-1922 
1874Introductory lectures on modern history, delivered in Lent term, MDCCCXLIIArnold, Thomas, 1795-1842
2013Invisible people: women and girls with disabilities and access to rights organizations to in the West Bank, Gaza Strip, and Palestinian refugee camps in LebanonSayrafi, Imad
1933Ismail, the maligned khediveCrabites, Pierre 
1932Israel from its beginnings to the Middle of the eighth centuryLods, Adolphe, 1867-1948 
1888The Jaulan : surveyed for the German Society for the Exploration of the Holy LandSchumacher, Gottlieb
1913Jericho : die ergebnisse der ausgrabungenSellin, Ernst, 1867-1945-; Watzinger, Carl, 1877-1948