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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-1995Effect of body size and season on the concentration of Cu, Cd, Pb and Zn in Diastylis rathkei (Crustacea : Cumacea) from Kiel Bay, Western BalticSwaileh, Khalid; Adelung, Dieter
2016The effect of credit facilities on economic growth in PalestineAbdullah, Ahmad
Apr-2013Effect of demographic factor on Palestinian -Israeli conflictAl-Rimmawi, Hussein; Zaidan, Esmat A.
2005Effect of Depth on Nitrogen Transformation in Duckweed and Algae-Based Ponds as a post-Treatment Stage for a UASB-Septic TankIsayed, Ashraf A.
2013Effect of different plastic liners on the quality of fresh-cut Jew’s mallow leaves (Corchorus olitorius L.) during storage under different temperaturesAbu Khalaf, Nawaf; Almasri, Mohammed; Hajjaj, Ahmed; Abbadi, Naser; Salah, Hakam; Zakarne, Jawad; Harb, Jamil; Salman, Mazen
2011Effect of dissolved CO2 in diesel fuel on engine performance and emissionsKaraeen, Mohammad; Sher, Eran
2006Effect of impeller blade height on the drop size distribution in agitated dispersionsShtaya, Hani Naseef; Stamatoudis, M.; Soultan, A.
2013Effect of infertility on women in the occupied Palestinian territory: a pilot qualitative studyHammoudeh, Doaa
2015Effect of introduction of furfural on asphalt binder ageing characteristicsFini, Ellie H.; Buabeng, Felix Smith; Abu Lebdeh, Taher; Awadallah, Faisal
2007Effect of L-amino phosphonobutyric Acid on Animal motor disordersQazzaz, Munir; Hussein, Ratib Muhammad; Metani, Munther; Abdul Ghani, Abdul Salam
2017Effect of land-use/land-cover change on the future of rainfed agriculture in the Jenin Governorate, PalestineThawaba, Salem; Abu Madi, Maher; Ozerol, Gul
2008Effect of Palestinian honey on spermatogenesis in ratsAbdul Ghani, Abdul Salam; Dabdoub, Nabil Mohamad; Hussein, Ratib Muhammad; Abdul-Ghani, Rula; Qazzaz, Munir
1985Effect of Phenobarbital pretreatment on the Plasma and Urinary levels of l-Acetylmethadol and its five metabolitesKuttab, Simon; Nowshed and L. Shargel, R
1994The effect of pressure on rates of some acid catalysed Diels - Alder reactionAbed, Abdel Hafeth; Isaacs, Neil; Maksimovic, Ljiliana
1991The effect of pressure on Swern-Moffatt OxidationsLaila, Abdalhamid; Isaacs, Neil
1996Effect of pressure on the reaction between 3-methyl-1-p-tolyltriazene and benzoic acid; A kinetic studyLaila, Abdalhamid; Isaacs, Neil
2020The effect of proposed training promgramme on some kinetic variables for basketball beginners jump shot skill accuracy from the right and left sideAbdallh, Eyad ; Kilani, Hashem ; Ermeley, Ziad 
3-Sep-2016The effect of reading-to-write approach on EFL undergraduate essay writingAbu Ayyash, Adnan; Khalaf, Ruba
2017The effect of remittances and foreign direct investment on economic growth in JordanTheodory, Laurance
Jun-2017The effect of remittances and foreign direct investment on economic growth in JordanLaurance, Theodory