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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005Rational drug use & effective drug management: training and follow up in selected NGOs' clinics in Palestine (Report)Birzeit University. Institute of Community and Public Health
2008Rational use of medications and prescribing patterns among mobile teams in the West Bank/OPTBirzeit University. Institute of Community and Public Health
Jan-2017Re-integration of women survivors of gender-based violence: combating violence against women in Palestinian societyAbu Awwad, Nidaa
1977Reaction of 1,3 dienes with sulphur dioxide, part IIkinetics of addition reactionLaila, Abdalhamid; Isaacs, Neil
1981Reaction at high pressure,The volume profilefor thermolysis of a beta-LactamLaila, Abdalhamid; Isaacs, Neil
1976Reaction of 1,3-dienes with sullfur dioxide,part 1-Decomposition of 2,5-dihydrothiophene-1,1-dioxideLaila, Abdalhamid; Isaacs, Neil
Aug-1989Reaction of μ-oxo-bis [trichloroferrate(III)] ion with L-ascorbic acid in relation to reaction of oxygen with iron(II)-ascorbateHamed, Mazen
1984Reactions at high pressure part 13:the volume profiles for the brominolysis of tetra alkylstannanesAli Ahmad, Abdel Hamid; Isaacs, Neil
2005Reactions to inspectable learner models: seven year olds to university studentsAbu Issa, Abdallatif; Bull, Susan; Mangat, Manveer; Mabbott, Andrew; Marsh, Josie
2015A reading on the socio urban changes in Ramallah and Kufur AqabHilal, Jamil
Sep-2013The Real Estate Market in Jerusalem between Muslims and Christians 1800-1810Sroor, Musa
2004Reasoning about additive measuresSayrafi, Bassem; Van Gucht, Dirk
2016Reassessment of voltage stability for distribution networks in presence of DGJaser, Sa'ed; Jubran, Mohammad; Favuzza, Salvatore; Fabio, Massaro
2003Recent Developments in Bisdiborane Chemistry: B—C—B, B—C—C—B, B—C=C—B and B—CC—B CompoundsDembitsky, Valery M.; Abu Ali, Hijazi; Srebnik, Morris
14-Oct-2017Reclaimed water use in irrigation : do we need stringent reuse standards to enhance water use and reduce climate impacts?Al-Sa'ed, Rashed; Khlief, Emad
2005The reconceptualisation of conflict managementHamad, Ahmad Azem
2011Reconsidering the Meaning of Home in the Rehabilitation -Towards a Sustainable Historical TownAwad, Shaden; Hohmann, Hasso
2014Reconsidering trauma: towards a Palestinian community psychologyMeari, Lena
2013Record-to-Record Travel Algorithm for Attribute Reduction in Rough Set TheoryMafarja, Majdi; Abdullah, Salwani
2016Recurrent inactivating RASA2 mutations in melanomaQutob, Nouar