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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
21-Jul-2000A parameterized procedure for model computations in disjunctive theoriesYahya, Adnan
2008Parameters influencing the performance of an IGBT gate driveAbu Khaizaran, Muhammad S.; Palmer, Patrick R.; Wang, Yalan
2011Parental discipline of children: results of a national family health survey in the occupied Palestinian territoryHalileh, Samia
2016Parkin Somatic Mutations Link Melanoma and Parkinson’s DiseaseQutob, Nouar
2016Parkinson disease (PARK ) genes are somatically mutated in cutaneous melanomaQutob, Nouar
2000A participatory study from the perspective of people with disabilities in the West Bank and the Gaza StripSaid, Nader Izzat
2005Patch clamped single pancreatic zymogen granules: Direct measurements of ion channel activities at the granule membraneAbu-Hamdah, Rania; Kelly, Marie L.; Jeremic, Aleksandar; Cho, Sang-Joon; Jena, Bhanu P.
31-Mar-2007Pathogens assessment in reclaimed effluent used for industrial crops irrigationAl-Sa'ed, Rashed
2-May-2005Pathogens removal in UASB-septic tanks and Albireh oxidation ditch wastewater treatment plantSamhan, Subhi; Al-Sa'ed, Rashed; Mahmoud, Nidal
2011Paths and cycles in digraphsZaid, Saddam
2007Patient flow and referral system at PMRS clinics in the West Bank. PalestineBirzeit University. Institute of Community and Public Health
2011Patients’ perception of effective management of Cardiovascular Diseases and Diabetes: A qualitative exploration from RamallahHusseini, Abdullatif; Khatib, Rana; Peter, Phillimore; Mikki, Nahed
Mar-2011Patients’ perceptions of access to care for cardiovascular diseases and diabetes mellitus in Ramallah: a qualitative assessmentShoaibi, Azza; Khatib, Rana; Khatib, Rasha; Hussein, Abdullatif; Mikki, Nahed; Zaman, Shahaduz; Phillimore, Peter
1906Patrollers of PalestineSmith, Haskett
2012Patterns of NSAIDs use in Palestinian Mid-Territories : a prospective study of ambulatory patients in outpatient pharmaciesKhdour, Maher R.; Hallak, Huseein O.; Hejaz, Hatem; Shaheen, Muamar; Dweib, Mohammad
10-Nov-1989Patterns of University Computing in Developing Nations: The West Bank ExperienceAbdallah, Abdallah; Yahya, Adnan
Jan-2006Pavement Friction in a Program to Reduce Wet Weather Traffic Accidents at the Network LevelAbaza, Khaled; Murad, Maher
Dec-2010Pavement rehabilitation project ranking approach using probabilistic long-term performance indicatorsAbaza, Khaled; Murad, Maher
2000Peacekeeping Models & casesBirzeit University. Ibrahim Abu Lughod Institute of International Studies
1997Peculiarities in the effect of hydrogen on the CDW-transition in NbSe3Chashka, Kh. B.; Bychko, V. A.; Obolenskii, M. A.; Hasan, Ra'ed; Beletskii, V. I.; Prognimak, A. N.