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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1948Free will and predestination in early IslamWatt, W. Montgomery (William Montgomery) 
1-Dec-2006Frequency variation for the purpose of vibration isolationAbu Hanieh, Ahmed ; Preumont, Andre 
2013A fresh approach to corporate social responsibility (CSR) : partnerships between businesses and non-profit sectorsEid, Niveen Labib; Sabella, Anton Robert
1913The Fringe of the EastLukach, Harry Charles
2016From a Death Sentence to a Disrupted Life: Palestinian Women’s Experiences and Coping With Breast CancerHammoudeh, Weeam
23-Feb-2018From cluster structures to nuclear molecules: The role of nodal structure of the single-particle wave functionsAfanasjev, A. V.; Abusara, Hazem
Nov-2010From constitutions to constitutionalism in Arab states: beyond paradox to opportunityKhalil, Asem
Mar-2010From Constitutions to Constitutionalism: An Opportunity for Arab States, Not a ParadoxKhalil, Asem
2003From Jihad to peaceful co-existence: the development of Islamic views on politics and international relationsBahlul, Raja
1946From Max Weber: essays in sociologyWeber, Max, 1864-1920 ; Gerth, Hans, 1908-1979 ; Mills, C. Wright (Charles Wright), 1916-1962. 
1990From Saloon Ladies to Popular CommitteesJad, Islah
1-Mar-2007Frontières palestiniennes : la crise conflictuelle entre l’histoire et la géographieAbaher EL Sakka اباهر السقا 
2013Fuel quality implications on combustion engines in the West Bank area of PalestineKaraeen, Mohammad; El-Khateeb, Imad; Jaradat, Ahmad; Samara, Mohammed; Bannoura, Majdi
Feb-2007Functional Quorum Sensing Systems Affect Biofilm Formation and Protein Expression in Yersinia pestisAbu Khweek, Arwa
2015The functional relevance of somatic synonymous mutations in melanoma and other cancersQutob, Nouar; Samuels, Yardena; Elnitski, Laura; Gartner, Jared J.
1998Funding Palestinian developmentSaid, Nader Izzat
2011Future development of the Palestinian neighbourhoods in East Jerusalem: Misuse of environmental concepts in land managementAmro, Jamal; Najjar, Raed
2005Fuzzy Logic Based Exact Sensorless Speed Control of Induction Motor at Low Range of OperationsAl-Batran, Abdul-Fattah
Jan-2014Fuzzy modified great deluge algorithm for attribute reductionMafarja, Majdi; Abdullah, Salwani
2015Fuzzy population-based meta-heuristic approaches for attribute reduction in rough set theoryMafarja, Majdi; Abdullah, Salwani; Jaddi, Najmeh S.