Use Policy


Access to and use of items, information and data deposited on the Birzeit University Open Access Repository (FADA) are subject to agreement to the following terms and conditions:

  1. Items, data and information deposited on FADA are used for the purposes of academic research, support of researchers and education. These are used in accordance with FADA policy and this agreement.

  2. Subject to legal liability, items, data and information on FADA may not be used, in whole or in part, for commercial purposes, for profit or in return of financial compensation directly or indirectly. Items, data and information may not be published, copied, imitated, translated, photocopied, distributed, promoted, reproduced or displayed in any form or media, whether hard and/or electronic, to achieve these purposes.

  3. Registered or unregistered intellectual property rights, relevant laws and regulations, and conventions to which Palestine is a party, may not be violated. These include copyrights, patents, trademarks, industrial designs and models, etc. Users assume full legal responsibility for the violation of these rights and provide compensation for the damage caused by that violation in accordance with applicable laws.

  4. Users give full descriptive (bibliographic) details of the deposited item used for approved purposes (i.e. academic quotation and citation), including author, title, etc. Citation of FADA is not obligatory.

  5. Users comply with FADA policy and terms of the use licence when they copy, photocopy, display, distribute, use or reproduce any deposited items, data or information on FADA.

  6. FADA is not liable for, nor does it provide compensation for, any expected or unexpected, direct or indirect, material or immaterial damage or loss, including loss of profit, disrupted business or loss of information as a result of using FADA contents, including deposited items, etc.

  7. FADA provides access to deposited items, data and information as presented by relevant authors. FADA does not guarantee accuracy, quality, or errors resulting from neglect or damage. FADA does not assume any responsibility for the use of deposited items, data and information.

  8. Users realise that the items, data and information deposited on FADA express the opinions of relevant authors, and do not necessarily represent the views of FADA. Users are solely liable for their reference to, or citation of, this material. FADA does not assume any consequent liability.

  9. Users realise that access to some deposited items, data or information might be belated by the author or donor or by a temporary or permanent embargo placed by FADA.

  10. If they access other links via FADA, users agree that FADA is not responsible for the content of these links or respective requirements for the purposes of information security, privacy and copyrights.

  11. In their own works, users are prohibited from using the name of FADA or any other similar name that might mislead the public unless the name is used for the purposes of academic citation or quotation.

  12. Users must maintain the secrecy of FADA’s operational data, including passwords and usernames given to them. It is not allowed, in any case, to share, transmit or transfer any such information to a third party without a written permission from FADA. Once they are familiar with these circumstances, users must notify FADA of any unauthorised use or breach of FADA security by a third party.

  13. Users are prohibited from attributing FADA to themselves.

  14. If users do not comply with any terms and conditions under this agreement or FADA policy, based on its discretion, FADA is entitled to deny their access to or use of FADA and its contents immediately and without prior notice.

  15. FADA has the absolute power to modify or change use conditions from time to time without notifying users. The modification or change is binding on the users as soon as it takes effect. Users are under the obligation to view changes or modifications of the use conditions. The fact that users continue to access FADA means that they consent to these changes and modifications.

  16. If any term or condition under this agreement appears to be inapplicable for legal reasons, the other terms and conditions continue to be in force.

  17. In case of disagreement over the interpretation of these terms and conditions, users agree that the University is competent of interpretation.


With full consent, I admit that I agree to comply with the above terms and conditions.