Post Policy


When depositing any item on the Birzeit University Open Access Repository (FADA), I agree to the following terms and conditions:

  1. The item is accepted for submission in accordance with FADA announced policies as well as any modifications and changes introduced from time to time.

  2. The intellectual property right of the deposited item rests with the author or the person to whom the author transfers this right.

  3. The deposited item is automatically and publicly publishable by FADA unless it is subject to embargo at the request of author or FADA for violation of FADA policies and/or this agreement.

  4. The deposited item does not violate applicable laws and regulations and/or the conventions to which Palestine is a party.

  5. The deposited item is an authentic product of the author and does not violate the laws and/or regulations on copyrights, patents, trademarks, industrial designs and models, trademarks, and any other laws on intellectual property or conventions to which Palestine is a party.

  6. The deposited item does not violate the copyrights of any other person.

  7. The deposited item does not violate applicable University laws, regulations, instructions and principles including, but not limited to, the instructions and rules of academic publication, scientific integrity, publication of theses and academic and applied research papers, research ethics, and any principles or instructions set by the University from time to time.

  8. The deposited item with intellectual property or copyrights belonging to a third party (co-authors) has the approval or permission of that third party for submission to FADA.

  9. Arrangements or approvals are maintained to submit the item, which has been supported or catered by an institution other than the University.

  10. I agree to grant FADA a licence, authorisation and/or approval to deposit the item on FADA in electronic or any other available form.

  11. I agree to grant FADA the power to rearrange, translate or copy the deposited item for the purposes of submission.

  12. I agree to grant FADA the power to share the deposited item with other repositories of local or foreign educational institutions, with the descriptive details included in the item.

  13. I agree to grant FADA the power to use descriptive details or the deposited item in any reports or bulletins issued on FADA.

  14. I agree to grant FADA the power to suspend displaying or publishing the deposited item in case it violates any terms or conditions hereto.

  15. I agree to the University’s right to deposit, publish and display, sua sponte, on FADA every item funded by the University in whole or in part, MA or PhD theses or dissertations, research papers, etc. which were produced in the context of the functions performed by the University faculties, institutes and centres.

  16. I agree that FADA has the power, as it deems fit and at any time, to audit, review and correct the descriptive details of the deposited item and convert it from a hard into an electronic form if the author does provide one.

  17. I preserve my right as an author to request that FADA not publish or display the deposited item either at the beginning of the submission process or any other subsequent time.

  18. The author is solely and fully liable for any legal breach or violation resulting from the deposited item towards the University and third parties.

  19. The University is not liable for any legal breach or violation committed by the author in relation to the deposited item. The author is solely liable for any damage caused to a third party.

  20. FADA is not liable in case a third party breaches or violates the copyrights or any other intellectual property rights associated with the deposited item. FADA is not responsible for taking legal action against the violating party. This right rests with the author alone.

  21. FADA is not liable for any damage or loss caused to the deposited item. However, FADA takes care to keep the deposited item under normal circumstances.

  22. Authors realise that the items, data and information deposited on FADA express their opinions, and do not necessarily represent the views of FADA. Users are solely liable for their reference to, or citation of, this material. FADA and authors do not assume any consequent liability.

  23. In their own works, authors are prohibited from using the name of FADA or any other similar name that might mislead the public unless the name is used for the purposes of academic citation or quotation.

  24. Authors must maintain the secrecy of FADA’s operational data, including passwords and usernames given to them. It is not allowed, in any case, to share, transmit or transfer any such information to a third party without a written permission from FADA. Once they are familiar with these circumstances, authors must notify FADA of any unauthorised use or breach of FADA security by a third party.

  25. Authors are prohibited from attributing FADA to themselves.

  26. FADA has the absolute power to modify or change use conditions from time to time without notifying authors. The modification or change is binding on the authors as soon as it takes effect. Authors are under the obligation to view changes or modifications of the use conditions. The fact that authors continue to access FADA means that they consent to these changes and modifications.

  27. If any term or condition under this agreement appears to be inapplicable for legal reasons, the other terms and conditions continue to be in force.

  28. In case of disagreement over the interpretation of these terms and conditions, authors agree that the University is competent of interpretation.


With full consent, I admit that I agree to comply with the above terms and conditions.