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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Jan-2020الزعر في الشام و مصر في العصر المملوكيبركات، عامر نجيب موسى 
219-Jan-2020Role of Oxidized Gly25, Gly29, and Gly33 Residues on the Interactions of Aβ1-42 with Lipid MembranesFatafta, Hebah ; Poojari, Chetan ; Sayyed-Ahmad, Abdallah ; Strodel, Birgit ; Owen, Michael C 
31-Jan-2020Returns to schooling in Palestine : a Bayesian approachAyyash, Mohsen ; Sadeq, Tareq ; Sek, Siok Kun 
411-Nov-2020Social and Emotional Learning in Palestinian K-12 SchoolsAnwar Hussein-Abdel Razeq 
5Aug-2020Palestinian Sociology: Divergent Practices and ApproachesAbaher EL Sakka اباهر السقا 
6Mar-2020La pluralité normative en PalestineAbaher EL Sakka اباهر السقا 
728-Apr-2020Physiological and psychosocial stressors among Palestinian hemodialysis patients: A cross‑sectional studyJamal Qaddumi ; Mariam Al-Tell ; Omar Almahmoud ; Dina T. N. Issa ; Majed Sulaiman Alamri ; Jestoni Dulva Maniago ; Omar Mohamed Khraisat ; Abdullah Sameh Khawaldeh ; Reem Nassar AL-Dossary 
828-Feb-2020Predictors of Intensive Care Unit Nurses’ Practice of Evidence-Based Practice GuidelinesAshraf Abuejheisheh ; Omar Tarawneh ; Jamal Qaddumi ; Omar Almahmoud ; Muhammad W Darawad 
92020The Extent of the Development of Arabic Language Skills among Birzeit University Students after Passing the Arabic Language Skills Course / First Levelshaath, Sami ; Alkhawaja, Ali 
1016-Apr-2020Design, prototype, and control design based on computed torque control of selective compliance assembly robot armAlbalasie, Ahmad ; Hussain, Irfan ; Horoub, Mamon ; Khan, Sikandar ; Ali, Sajid ; Gan, Dongming