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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12015Nurses' Perceptions about Child AbuseAlrimawi, Intima'; Rajeh Saifan, Ahmad; Bashayreh, Ibraheem
22016Design and Optimization of Printed Circular Spiral Inductors in Wireless Power Transfer SystemsBarghouthi, Atheer
32014The Environmental effect of the spring water in Matwi catchment / PalestineGhanem, Marwan; Ahmad, Waseem
42010Tracing the inorganic carbon system in the groundwater from the lower Jordan Valley basin (Jericho/Palestine).Khayat, Saed; Marei, Amer; Geyer, Stefan
52010Involvement of vH(+)-ATPase in synaptic vesicle swellingShin, L.; Basi, N.; Jeremic, Aleksandar; Lee, J. S.; Cho, W. J.; Chen, ZhiHui; Abu Hamdah, Rania; Oupicky, David; Jena, Bhanu P.
62010Dental solid and hazardous waste management and safety practices in developing countries : Nablus district, PalestineKhatib, Issam; Monou, Maria; Mosleh, S. A.; Al-Subu, M. M.; Kassinos, D.
72015بين نقد العقل ونقد نقد العقل: طرابيشي والجابريضاهر، جمال; البرغوثي، عبد الكريم; مسيس، نديم
82012الانفتاح الدّلالي في وقف المراقبة، دراسة نحويّة بلاغيّة: البقرة وآل عمران نموذجامشاهرة، مشهور موسى مشهور
92010Spring Water Hydrochemistry along the North - South Profile in the Jordan ValleyGhanem, Marwan; Ghannam, Subha
102011Probabilistic investigation on the dynamic response of highway bridgesKaraki, Ghada