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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12000The number of ring homomorphisms from Zn[w] * Zm[w] into Zk[w]Yousef, Hasan; Saleh, Mohammad; Abu Hlail, Jawad
22007Elliptic curve cryptosystems using efficient exponentiationSaleh, Mohammad
32004On qdf modules and qdf ringsSaleh, Mohammad; Johnson, Johnny A.
42005On the difference equationAloqeili, Marwan; Saleh, Mohammad
52005On weak injectivity and weak projectivitySaleh, Mohammad; Abdel-Mohsen, Ali
62003On θ-continuity and strong θ-continuitySaleh, Mohammad
72004On θ-closed sets and some forms of continuitySaleh, Mohammad
82000Theta-closure and Housdorff spacesSaleh, Mohammad
9Jan-2003On theta-continuity and strong theta-continuitySaleh, Mohammad
10Jan-2004On weakly projective and weakly injective modulesSaleh, Mohammad