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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Jul-1992Gold target fragmentation by 800 GeV protonsGiacaman, Henry; Sihver, Lembit; Aleklett, Kjell; Loveland, Walter
2Mar-1976The nucleus-nucleus potentialGiacaman, Henry
3Jan-1984Sub-barrier fusion of heavy ionsGiacaman, Henry
4Nov-1984High multipole moments in nucleiGiacaman, Henry
5Apr-1975An optical potential for heavy ion interactionsGiacaman, Henry
6Feb-1989Coulomb instability of hot nucleiGiacaman, Henry
7May-1998Deconfinement in the Quark Meson Coupling ModelGiacaman, Henry; Zakout, I.
8Feb-1985Fokker-Planck and linear transport solutions to collective flow in heavy ion collisionsGiacaman, Henry
9Feb-1992Intermittency in the multifragmentation of hot nuclei?Giacaman, Henry
101985Excited states of^{4} HeLiu, H.; Zamick, Larry; Giacaman, Henry