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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12020Lung Function and Respiratory Health of Populations Living Close to Quarry Sites in Palestine: A Cross-Sectional StudyNemer, Maysaa ; Giacaman, Rita ; HUSSEINI, ABDULLATIF 
22022The association between uncertainty and mental health : a scoping review of the quantitative literatureMassazza, Alessandro ; Kienzler, Hanna ; Al-Mitwalli, Suzan ; Tamimi, Nancy ; Giacaman, Rita 
32022Pathways to food insecurity in the context of conflict: the case of the occupied Palestinian territoryLin, Tracy Kuo ; Kafri, Rawan ; Hammoudeh, Weeam ; Mitwalli, Suzan ; Jamaluddine, Zeina ; Ghattas, Hala ; Giacaman, Rita ; Leone, Tiziana 
42022Capacity strengthening: development and evaluation of the training course “research methods for mental health in war and conflict”Tamimi, Nancy ; Kienzler, Hanna ; Hammoudeh, Weeam ; Giacaman, Rita 
52022Decolonizing Knowledge Production: Perspective on Promotion and Tenure Regulations in Palestine and beyondKassis, Mudar ; Giacaman, Rita ; Hashweh, Maher 
62020Psychometric properties of an Arabic-language health literacy assessment scale for adolescents (HAS-A-AR) in PalestineSarhan, Mohammed B. A. ; Shannon, Harry S. ; Fujiya, Rika ; Jimba, Masamine ; Giacaman, Rita 
72020The Profile of non-communicable disease (NCD) research in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region: analyzing the NCD burden, research outputs and international research collaborationAggarwal, Ajay ; Patel, Preeti ; Lewison, Grant ; Ekzayez, Abdulkarim ; Coutts, Adam ; Fouad, Fouad ; Shamieh, Omar ; Giacaman, Rita ; Kutluk, Tezer ; Abdul Khalek, Rima ; Lawler, Mark ; Boyle, Peter ; Sarfati, Diana ; Sullivan, Richard 
82020Social and political determinants of health in the occupied Palestine territory (oPt) during the COVID-19 pandemic: Who is responsible?Hammoudeh, Weeam ; Kienzler, Hanna ; Meagher, Kristen ; Giacaman, Rita 
92022Health literacy as a key to improving weight status among Palestinian adolescents living in chronic conflict conditions: a cross-sectional studySarhan, Mohammed B. A. ; Fujiya, Rika ; Shibanuma, Akira ; Giacaman, Rita ; Kiriya, Junko ; Kitamura, Akiko ; Jimba, Masamine 
102020Tracking COVID-19 responsiblyMuhareb, Rania ; Giacaman, Rita