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12014الإعاقة و المساواة : نماذج الإعاقة و الحقوق و القوانين المرتبطة، الحشد المجتمعي، بناء القدرات، رصد المعيقات : Guide تدريبيالصيرفي، عماد
2Apr-2008Ceramide synthesis in the endoplasmic reticulum can permeabilize mitochondria to proapoptotic proteinsStiban, Johnny; Caputo, Laura; Colombini, Marco
31998Industrialization, Urbanization and Environmental Health, the Case of Industrial Zoning: Water use and wastewater disposal in the district of Ramallah and Al-BirehBirzeit University. Institute of Community and Public Health
42001A community of citizens: disability rehabilitation in the Palestinian transition to statehoodGiacaman, Rita
52013The diagnostic accuracy of multi-frequency bioelectrical impedance analysis in diagnosing dehydration after strokeKafri, Mohannad W.; Doherty, Danielle; Wilson, Alexander; Potter, John; Hooper, Lee; Myint, Phyo K.
6Jan-2010Ceramide Synthases: Roles in Cell Physiology and SignalingStiban, Johnny; Futerman, Tony
72000مناشر الحجر في محافظة رام الله والبيرة (التأثيرات على البيئة والصحة العامة)فلفل، ميسون
81999Kinetics and mechanism of reactions of cis-(piperidine)(L)Mo(CO)4 complexes with phosphines and phosphites.Awad, Hani
9Jan-2015Le code civil ottoman et l’usurpation des biens waqfs : le cas de Jérusalem entre 1876-1914Sroor, Musa
10Dec-2017Silver tetradrachms from Kherbit Beit Nasib west of HebronHalayqa, Issam