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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12002Isolation and characterization of Shiga Toxigenic Escherichia coli strains in Nothern Palestine.Essawi, Tamer; Adwan, Kamel
22000العلاقة بين الأديان عند إخوان الصفاالبرغوثي، عبد الكريم
32009Chemical and microbiological quality of desalinated water, groundwater and rain-fed cisterns in the Gaza Strip, Palestine.Khatib, Issam
42009Comparison of inert supports in laser desorption/ionization mass spectrometry of peptides: pencil lead, porous silica gel, DIOS-chip and NALDITM targetShenar, Nawar; Enjalbal, Christine; Cantel, Sonia; Martinez, Jean
52008Laser desorption/ionization mass spectrometry on porous silica and alumina for peptide mass fingerprintingShenar, Nawar; Martinez, Jean; Enjalbal, Christine
62007Effect of L-amino phosphonobutyric Acid on Animal motor disordersQazzaz, Munir; Hussein, Ratib Muhammad; Metani, Munther; Abdul Ghani, Abdul Salam
72008Effect of Palestinian honey on spermatogenesis in ratsAbdul Ghani, Abdul Salam; Dabdoub, Nabil Mohamad; Hussein, Ratib Muhammad; Abdul-Ghani, Rula; Qazzaz, Munir
82006The current situation of health services in the northern districts of the West Bank of PalestineKhatib, Issam; Othman, R.
92001Swelling properties of various polymers used in controlled release systemsShtaya, Hani Naseef; Vlachou, Marilena; Efentakis, Manuel; Tarantili, P. A.; Andreopoulos, A. G.
102009Comparison of LID vs. CID Activation Modes in Tandem Mass Spectrometry of PeptidesShenar, Nawar; Enjalbal, Christine; Sommerer, Nicolas; Martinez, Jean