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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12019Power, politics, and community : resistance dynamics in the Occupied GolanFakher Eldin, Munir 
216-Jan-2020Induction of labor among singleton pregnancies in six Palestinian governmental hospitals : a population-based cohort studyHassan, Sahar ; Laine, Katariina ; Fossa, Erik ; Abu-Rmeileh, Niveen ; Ali-Masri, Hadil Y. ; Ali-Masri, Kaled ; Zimmo, Mohammed ; Vikanes, Ase ; Ismail, Khaled M. 
31-Jan-2019Modeling, control, and simulation of a new topology of flywheel energy storage systems in microgridsSaleh, Aws ; Awad, Abdalkarim ; Ghanem, Wasel 
415-Jul-2020Screening of Antioxidant and Antimicrobial Activity of Micromeria fruticosa serpyllifolia Volatile Oils: A Comparative Study of Plants Collected from Different Regions of West Bank, PalestineSalameh, Nihaya ; Jaradat, Nidal ; Shraim, Naser ; El Masri, Motasem ; Adwan, Lina ; K’aibni, Shadi ; Alkowni, Raed ; Radwan, Asma ; Abu Alhasan, Murad 
52020Dynamics of Kth Order Rational Difference EquationSaleh, Mohammad ; Asad, Aya 
62021Dynamics and Bifurcation of a Second Order Rational Difference Equation with Quadratic TermsSaleh, Mohammad ; Hirzallah, Shahd 
7Dec-2020Dynamics and Bifurcation of a Second Order Quadratic Rational Difference EquationSaleh, Mohammad ; Hirzallah, Shahd 
8Dec-2020Roughness-induced vehicle energy dissipation from crowdsourced smartphone measurements through random vibration theoryBotshekan, Meshkat ; Roxon, Jacob ; Wanichkul, Athikom ; Chirananthavat, Theemathas ; Chamoun, Joy ; Ziq, Malik ; Anini, Bader ; Daher, Naseem ; Awad, Abdalkarim ; Ghanem, Wasel ; Tootkabon, Mazdak ; Louhghalam, Arghavan ; Ulm, Franz-Josef 
927-Jul-2021Between the Palestinian Authority’s Social Policies and Israel’s Occupation Policies: Palestinians during the Corona PandemicEL Sakka, Abaher 
10May-2007HIV/AIDS- related knowledge and attitudes of Palestinian women in the Occupied Palestinian TerritoryHusseini, Abdullatif ; Abu-Rmeileh, Niveen