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11997Generalized query answering in disjunctive deductive databases: Procedural and nonmonotonic aspectsYahya, Adnan 
2Apr-2016موانع المسؤولية الجزائية وفقا لقانون العقوبات الأردني الساري في الضفة الغربية و مشروع قانون العقوبات الفلسطينيعبد الباقي، مصطفى ; حماد، آلاء 
32009Shortest remaining response time scheduling for improved web server performanceAlSa'deh, Ahmad ; Yahya, Adnan 
42020The Extent of the Development of Arabic Language Skills among Birzeit University Students after Passing the Arabic Language Skills Course / First LevelShaath, Sami ; Alkhawaja, Ali 
52022An Aramaic Ostracon (HB 135) from Khirbet el-KomHalayqa, Issam 
62023Distance Learning Technology Acceptance, a Case of Ph.D. Students’ Experiences Post COVID-19Mattour, Nour 
72018Combined electrochemical-chemical bath deposited metal selenide nano-film electrodes with high photo-electrochemical characteristicsHilal, Hikmat S. ; Zyoud, Ahed ; Murtada, Khaled ; Nayef, Nour ; Helal, Mohammed H.S. 
8Apr-2016إدارة النوع الإجتماعي في غرف الأخبارالاصفر، عماد 
92022Jordan Valley under Israeli ihtilal: a Palestinian story of stark oppressionFalah, Ghazi-Walid 
1020-Sep-2023Understanding the risks of diffusion of cyanobacteria toxins in rivers, lakes, and potable waterThawabteh, Amin Mahmood ; Naseef, Hani A. ; Karaman, Donia ; Bufo, Sabino A. ; Scrano, Laura ; Karaman, Rafik