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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
114-Oct-2017Reclaimed water use in irrigation : do we need stringent reuse standards to enhance water use and reduce climate impacts?Al-Sa'ed, Rashed; Khlief, Emad
227-Nov-2017Will cutting-edge technologies enhance wastewater management services? a Palestinian experienceAl-Sa'ed, Rashed
3Nov-2015مساهمة قسم الانشطة في تفعيل الرياضة المدرسية في محافظة رام الله من وجهة نظر معلمي التربية الرياضيةعصفور، رافي; غفري، عيسى
426-Nov-2012Technical and economic feasibility of biosolids - amended concrete brick productionYerousis, George P.; Al-Sa'ed, Rashed
525-Nov-2013Sustainable management of olive mill wastewater in Palestine : challenges and opportunitiesAl-Sa'ed, Rashed
6May-2014Jerusalem au tournant du XIXe siecle : une ville partageeSroor, Musa; Van Gucht, Dirk
71996أي نظام قانوني لفلسطين : أوراق مقدمة في مؤتمر قانوني : غزة ، 28 و 29 نيسان 1995جامعة بيرزيت. معهد الحقوق
82012Stopping time condition for practical IPv6 cryptographically generated addressesAlSa'deh, Ahmad; Rafiee, Hosnieh; Meinel, Christoph
92013IPv6 stateless address autoconfiguration : balancing between security, privacy and usabilityAlSa'deh, Ahmad; Rafiee, Hosnieh; Meinel, Christoph
102013HQSF Study on employment opportunities and market assessment for university graduates in Palestine: the relevance of HQSF fields of supportInoue, Tomoo