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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Jul-2007Retention of aqueous Ba2+ ions by calcite and aragonite over a wide range of concentrations : characterization of the uptake capacity, and kinetics of sorption and precipitate formaTunusoglu, O.; Shahwan, Talal; Eroglu, A. E.
22010No Palestinian is safe : population dynamics and the wellbeing of men, women, and children through objective measures and subjective indicators.Giacaman, Rita
32015حرية الصحافة في التشريعات الفلسطينيةالعاروري، ماجد
42014قدم الكتابة و انتشارها عند العرب في شمال الجزيرة العربيةضاهر، جمال; البرغوثي، عبد الكريم; مسيس، نديم
52001Plasma total cysteine as a risk factor for vascular disease : The European Concerted Action Project.El-Khairy, Lina; Ueland, Per M.; Refsum, Helga; Graham, Ian; Vollset, Stein
62006السلطة في الاسرة الفلسطينية: اتجاهات وممارسةميعاري، محمود
72017Farmer’s attitude toward treated sludge use in the West Bank, PalestineRashid, M.; Kattou’a, Mary G.; Khatib, Issam; Sato, Chikashi
82017الحق في التعليمبدير، نوار
99-Jul-2017The impact of sportive anxiety on the learning of non-practicing students of swimming in physical education at the University of JerusalemShaheen, Waleed; Azriel, Reem
102012Sell-side security analysts : re-reporting of Enron Corporation Fraudulent financial dataMunawer, Zeyad; Yahya, Sofri; Siti-Nabiha, A. K.