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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12017A Topic-Based Hidden Markov model for Real-Time spam tweets filteringWashha, Mahdi ; Qaroush, Aziz ; Mezghani, Manel ; Sedes, Florence 
22017اللاجئون في وطنهم : سؤال التمثيل والحمايةعبد اللطيف، سهيلة 
32017المؤتمر الدولي في علم الآثار و السياحة في فلسطين
42017Concept model for the second life cycle of vehicles in PalestineKaraeen, Mohammed ; Abu Hanieh, Ahmed ; Abdelall, Sadiq ; Sughayyer, Momen ; Hasan, Afif 
52017A proposed scheme for dynamic threshold versus noise uncertainty in Cognitive Radio Networks (DTNU)Arar, Adnan Mohammad ; Masri, Ahmed M. ; Ghannam, Hidaya O. ; Tumar, Iyad Khalil 
62017A Robust Line Segmentation Algorithm for Arabic Printed Text with DiacriticsAyesh, Muna ; Mohammad, Khader ; Qaroush, Aziz ; Agaian, Sos ; Washha, Mahdi 
72017A new control scheme of back-to-back converter for wind energy technologyQuraan, Mahran ; Farhat, Qassam A. ; Bornat, Mohamad 
82017Synthesis, crystallographic, spectroscopic studies and biological activity of new cobalt(II) complexes with bioactive mixed sulindac and nitrogen‑donor ligandsShalash, Asia M. ; Abu Ali, Hijazi