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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12009Family unification of residents in the occupied Palestinian territoryKhalil, Asem
22010Impact of Israeli military order no.1650 of 2009 on Palestinians’ rights to legally reside in their own countryKhalil, Asem
32010Gender and Migration in PalestineKhalil, Asem
42006The Role of the Constitution in the Arab WorldKhalil, Asem
52007Palestinian nationality and citizenship : current challenges and future perspectivesKhalil, Asem
62010Status of rights and freedoms in the Palestinian lawKhalil, Asem
72009Palestinian refugees in Arab states: a rights-based approachKhalil, Asem
8Apr-2010Are Palestinian Authority’s legislated statutes substantially different from Israeli military orders?Khalil, Asem
9Jan-2007The legal framework of Palestinian economic under developmentSalem, Jamil; Khalil, Asem
10Nov-2010From constitutions to constitutionalism in Arab states: beyond paradox to opportunityKhalil, Asem
112011The ‘Protection Gap’ and the Palestinian Refugees of Gaza StripKhalil, Asem
122008The circulation of Palestinian refugees and migrantsKhalil, Asem
132012Constitution-Making and State-Building: Redefining the Palestinian NationKhalil, Asem
142016The Palestinian Authority: Unsettling Status Quo ScenariosKhalil, Asem
15Mar-2010From Constitutions to Constitutionalism: An Opportunity for Arab States, Not a ParadoxKhalil, Asem
162011Legal framework of Palestinian economic (under) developmentKhalil, Asem; Salem, Jamil
17Jan-2009A Constitutional Framework of a Future Palestinian State - Synthesis of Leading Palestinian Thinking and Public PerceptionsKhalil, Asem
182013Beyond the Written Constitution: Constitutional Crisis of, and the Institutional Deadlock in, the Palestinian Political System as Entrenched in the Basic LawKhalil, Asem
192010Rule of law and development in PalestineKhalil, Asem
202017Semi-presidential government in Egypt after the Arab Spring : insights from the Weimar RepublicKhalil, Asem
212009Formal and informal justice in Palestine : dealing with the legacy of tribal lawKhalil, Asem
222005La création d’un état Palestinien viable : quel intérêt pour Israël ?Khalil, Asem
23Oct-2007Refugees: migrants and law in PalestineKhalil, Asem
242016Governance and the constitution in Palestine : from books to action and backKhalil, Asem
252013Legal and regulatory framework of highly-skilled migration : the case of the Palestinian AuthorityKhalil, Asem
26Feb-2018State of necessityKhalil, Asem
273-Jun-2017The Matrix: Rights, government and daily life in PalestineKhalil, Asem
28Oct-2010The legal dimension of migration : the Palestine caseKhalil, Asem
292011Quel systeme politique pour la Palestine? lecons tirees de la crise politique de l'autorite Palestinienne et de l'impasse institutionnelle conformement a la loi fondamentaleKhalil, Asem
30Jan-2016Impulses from the Arab Spring on the Palestinian state-building processKhalil, Asem
31Jan-2010Filling the gap? a survey of Palestinian case law on migrationKhalil, Asem
322004Is Israel obliged to implement international humanitarian law?Khalil, Asem
33Jan-2009The vicious cycle of Palestinian workers in Israeli settlementsKhalil, Asem
34Jan-2008Irregular Migration into and Through the Occupied Palestinian TerritoryKhalil, Asem
352006The enactment of constituent power in the Arab World : the Palestinian caseKhalil, Asem
362006The Enactment of Constituent Power in the Arab WorldKhalil, Asem
37May-2010Socioeconomic rights of refugees in times of crisis: the case of Palestinians in Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, and SyriaKhalil, Asem
3823-Nov-2010Disintegrating and reconstituting Palestine : the powerful strength of lawKhalil, Asem
392011Socioeconomic Rights of Palestinian Refugees in Arab CountriesKhalil, Asem
40Nov-2009What political system for Palestine? lessons learnt from the political crisis of, and the institutional Deadlock in, the Palestinian Authority form of government according to the basic lawKhalil, Asem
412014Palestinians to citizens : is citizenship a solution to the Palestinian refugee problem?Khalil, Asem
422015The legal fragmentation of Palestine-Israel and European Union policies promoting the rule of lawKhalil, Asem; Del Sarto, Raffaella A.
4312-Oct-2016Autorita Palestinese : scenari preoccupanti per lo status quoKhalil, Asem
44May-2017CitizenshipKhalil, Asem
45Apr-2010Converting Palestinians into infiltrators In their own home country : a new military order and same old policyKhalil, Asem
462019Courting economic and social rights in Palestine : justiciability, enforceability and the role of the Supreme Constitutional CourtKhalil, Asem
472010Dealing with Highly-Skilled Migration: The Case of the Palestinian AuthorityKhalil, Asem
485-Oct-2016Autorité palestinienne : comment sortir du statu quo ?Khalil, Asem
4928-Oct-2019المواطنة من منظور دستوري مقارنKhalil, Asem 
507-Feb-2019Rethinking executive supremacy during times of crisis in EgyptTaha, Nora ; Khalil, Asem 
Results 1-50 of 70 (Search time: 11.461 seconds).