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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Jan-2013Assessment of Hospitals' Waste Management in Jenin Governorate, Occupied PalestineKhatib, Issam
22013حصاد مياه الأمطار باستخدام نظم المعلومات الجغرافية : حالة تطبيقية الجزء الجنوبي الغربي من محافظة الخليلالذويب، ريهام حسن أحمد
32013The diagnostic accuracy of multi-frequency bioelectrical impedance analysis in diagnosing dehydration after strokeKafri, Mohannad W.; Doherty, Danielle; Wilson, Alexander; Potter, John; Hooper, Lee; Myint, Phyo K.
42013Effect of different plastic liners on the quality of fresh-cut Jew’s mallow leaves (Corchorus olitorius L.) during storage under different temperaturesAbu Khalaf, Nawaf; Almasri, Mohammed; Hajjaj, Ahmed; Abbadi, Naser; Salah, Hakam; Zakarne, Jawad; Harb, Jamil; Salman, Mazen
52013The traditional names for land markers and of protective establishments of land produce in the Palestinian colloquialHalayqa, Issam
6May-2013Arabic text correction using dynamic categorized dictionaries: a statistical approachYahya, Adnan; Salhi, Ali
72013Actor node positioning in wireless sensor networksShaikh, Nemer
8Aug-2013A Microcosm of Palestine: Witnessing the 1967 Fall of JerusalemSchleifer, Abdullah
92013A narration without an end: Palestine and the continuing NakbaAli, Zarefa Akram
102013Applying a competency-based human resource management system to administrative staff at Birzeit UniversityNakhleh, Ali O.