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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
110-Jul-2019Statistics I : frequency distribution & data descriptionShalash, Ibrahim 
211-Feb-2019Philosophy of educationShalash, Ibrahim 
3Jan-2010Hydrochemical characteristics of rainwater in Ramallah DistrictGhanem, Marwan ; Shalash, Ibrahim ; Al-Rimmawi, Hussein 
42016Synthesis, Characterization and Biological Activity of Novel Transition Metal Complexes Based on the Biologically ActiveAbu Ali, Hijazi ; Maloul, Salam ; Darawsheh, Mohanad D. ; Omar, Suhad Nizar ; Fares, Hadeel Hassan ; Jabali, Baha' H. ; Shalash, Asia M. ; Kamel, S. ; Abu Shamma, A. ; Rappocciolo, Emilia ; Akkawi, Mutaz ; Jaber, Suhair 
55-Oct-2016Autorité palestinienne : comment sortir du statu quo?Khalil, Asem 
630-Apr-2019Rule of law assistance to the Palestinian Authority : challenges aheadOmar, Karam ; Salem, Jamil ; Khalil, Asem 
712-Oct-2016Autorità Palestinese : scenari preoccupanti per lo status quoKhalil, Asem 
816-Sep-2016Modelling, kinematics, dynamics and control design for under-actuated manipulatorsAlbalasie, Ahmad 
9Feb-2010Rainfall trends in the district of Ramallah and Al-Bireh, PalestineAl-Rimmawi, Hussein ; Ghanem, Marwan ; Shalash, Ibrahim 
1027-Jun-2019Modeling, identification, and control of a discrete variable stiffness actuator (DVSA)Hussain, Irfan ; Albalasie, Ahmad ; Awad, Mohammed ; Gan, Dongming