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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12014Stability and removal of dexamethasone sodium phosphate from wastewater using modified claysSulaiman, Saleh; Khamis, Mustafa; Karaman, Rafik; Bufo, Sabino; Scrano, Laura
21-Feb-2014Arabic text categorization based on Arabic WikipediaYahya, Adnan; Salhi, Ali
321-Jul-2014Oxidation and superoxide dismutase activities of mononuclear copper(II) acetate with imidazoles as models for copper containing enzymesAbu Hijleh, Abdullatif
42014The Environmental effect of the spring water in Matwi catchment / PalestineGhanem, Marwan; Ahmad, Waseem
52014Multi-agent system for recruiting patients for clinical trialsTaweel, Adel; Mahmoud, Samhar; Tyson, Gareth; Vanstaa, Tjeerd
62014Changes in membrane biophysical properties induced by sphingomyelinase depend on the sphingolipid N-acyl chainStiban, Johnny; Prieto, Manuel; Futerman, Tony; Silva, Liana
72014Composition , production rate and management of dental solid waste in two Palestinian governoratesAl-Qorom, Sameer Mofeed
82014دور التحكيم في الحفاظ على التوازن الإقتصادي لعقود الإستثمار الدوليةمقبول، حنين أمين رمزي
9Jan-2014المقاومة الشعبية الفلسطينية تحت الاحتلال : قراءة نقدية وتحليليةالعزة، علاء; طبر، ليندا
102014The N-terminal domain of the Drosophila mitochondrial replicative DNA helicase contains an iron-sulfur cluster and binds DNA.Stiban, Johnny; Farnum, Gregory; Hovde, Stacy; Kaguni, Laurie S.