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12019Introduction: Enigmas of SphingolipidsStiban, Johnny 
230-Aug-2019Simplified novel approach for estimating HMA overlay thickness schedule using long-term performance indicatorsAbaza, Khaled ; Murad, Maher 
320-Aug-2019Incidence and risk factors of retinopathy of prematurity in three neonatal intensive care units in PalestineAkkawi, Mohammad T. ; Shehadeh, Mohammad M. ; Abu Shams, Amjaad N. ; Al-Hardan, Doaa M. ; Omar, Lara J. ; Almahmoud, Omar H. ; Qaddumi, Jamal A. S. 
41-Sep-2019Competency in electrocardiogram interpretation among registered nurses in private and government hospitals in Nablus, PalestineALmahmoud, Omar ; Qaddumi, Jamal A. S. ; Alamri, Majed ; Maniago, Jestoni D. 
515-Oct-2019Arabic search results disambiguation : a set of benchmarksSalhi, Haytham ; Jarrar, Radi ; Yahya, Adnan 
617-Oct-2019Authorship attribution of Arabic articlesHajja, Maha ; Yahya, Ahmad ; Yahya, Adnan 
7May-2016Computational equilibrium thermodynamic and kinetic analysis of K-Ras dimerization through an effector binding surface suggests limited functional roleSayyed-Ahmad, Abdallah ; Cho, Kwang-Jin ; Hancock, John F. ; Gorfe, Alemayehu A. 
812-Sep-2019Conformational and dynamical effects of Tyr32 phosphorylation in K-Ras : molecular dynamics simulation and Markov state models analysisKhaled, Mohammed ; Gorfe, Alemayehu ; Sayyed-Ahmad, Abdallah 
92014Implementing interoperable provenance in biomedical researchCurcin, Vasa ; Miles, Simon ; Danger, Richard ; Chen, Yuhui ; Bache, Richard ; Taweel, Adel 
10Jan-2010تقرير حول تحديد إحتياجات إنشاء و دعم مكتبات المحاكم في ثماني مدن فلسطينية : نابلس و جنين و بيت لحم و الخليل و أريحا و رام الله و قلقيلية و طولكرمعفانة، معتصم