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Title: Philosophy of education
Authors: Shalash, Ibrahim 
Keywords: Education - Philosophy
Issue Date: 11-Feb-2019
Publisher: Atlantic International University
Abstract: Philosophy of education, from an academically point of view, can be defined as the study of education and its problems. It can be related to the education process or the educational discipline, which deals with achieving the goals of education, forms of education and he results of education and education processes, or it can be related to the philosophy of discipline which deals with the concepts, goals and forms of discipline. Tanash (2017) 1 defined the philosophy of education as the general frame by which the society uses, to build the integrated the future education process, regarding the social and economic changes and variables so as to prepare its individuals for the behavioral, technical and educational process, by which the society is then designated. Marwan (2017)2 defines the philosophy of education as the application of the philosophy approach to education; because of its role in determining the path of the process of education, and contribute to the adjustment and criticism and coordination to cope with cultural problems and conflicts, the philosophy of education also represents the effort used in the implementation of philosophical ideas in the environment of education, or seek to publicize the public philosophy within the components of education and then looking for values and knowledge . Philosophy of education establishes the basis for coordination of educational processes and makes them cope with society problems. Brain storming is my philosophy of education, by which all students are given the same opportunity regarding their race, color and gender. By providing students with all possible resources and preparing the best environment for education either in school or at home, students are capable of acquiring good education and they can participate in social development in the future.
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