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dc.description.abstract“Once we believed the Earth was flat. Now we know its round. Today we believe in death and that life is finite, but we will find that it's eternal and infinite …” Van Gogh We live in a rapidly changing world in all aspects of life, where many facts and legends, were believed to be true and unquestionable at their time, they are now false and deceptive. The vast technological leap of the last few decades had made us rethink our way of life and reorganize our relationship in old beliefs, Nature and the universe. What is happening today in our world under the name of international development, from wrong procedures of industrial and agricultural processes causing thermal retention and the consequent rise in the temperature of the Earth and the melting of snow in the poles and the resulting rise in the level of oceans, as well as excessive consumption of natural resources of water, wood, metals, oil and natural gas, leading to climate changes at a global level. Poverty , social and economic injustice in the third world countries are also driving to religious and political extremism, social violence, moral degeneration, the spread of crime and epidemics, and the reduction of opportunities for individuals and community growth. The military race between the major powers and their allies from poor countries has contributed to the spread of extremism and to the reduction of development opportunities at the global level and on the sustainability of human civilization on this planet. Of many philosophers, scientists, social and economic reformers, who have published many books and articles regarding the rapid recession of our civilization as humankind, Ervin Laszlo, was a pioneer in expressing the predicament of our humankind in his book “Quantum Shift in Global Brain” Ervin Laszlo described the universe as a living body, which has a brain, a global brain, which is like a form of quasi- energy and information induced from the six and half billion people on the planet Earth.(Lorimer, 2009) Laszlo described the sudden fundamental transformation of the relations between the inhabitants of the planet Earth and Nature as “Quantum Shift” and he described the sudden and fundamental transformation of our perception to the nature of reality as “Macroshift”. The two shifts together make the paradigm shift in science, which is “reality revolution” in society and science. Laszlo described the chaos situation of the universe, which is at a bifurcation point, either to a break down or a break through. It is the choice point for our future as Humankind. There are changes in every sector of our life, in science, in society, in climate, economic, politics and cultural areas. (Laszlo, 2008) Petcher (2009), described Laszlo’s book as an interesting book to read because it was a strange juxtaposition of trends of society and world. Martin (2008), says that Laszlo’s book presents a reality map, which guides us through this world of problems, opportunities and challenges. Knowledge of interconnectedness between the changing world and changing map of the world, we can proceed wisely, intelligently and confidently. The book “Quantum Shift in Global Brain” came in three parts: Part I which is about the Macroshift in society and revolution in reality, it describes the shift in our world. Part II about the paradigm shift in science describes the shifts in science which an effect on our scientific thinking. Part III with the title Global Shift in Action, explains the activities and actions of the Club of Budapest which was established by Ervin Laszlo, it also focuses on the project of the club intended to face the global change. It also addresses the change of consciousness in those who have experienced near- death events, they have gained a new form of energy that gave them inner peace, empathy with others and respect to life and Nature. This work will review the ideas mentioned in Laszlo's book and focus on his ideas and prospects for the future and his practical orientation towards humanity and the factors of degradation and factors that will save mankind from destruction and loss. The effect of Laszlo's ideas on international development will be the core of this work.en_US
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dc.titleQuantum shift in the global brain : how the new scientific reality can change us and our worlden_US
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