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Title: Towards a Methodology for Building Ontologies -Classify by Properties
Authors: Daher, Jamal
Jarrar, Mustafa
Keywords: Database management
Data Exchange
Ontology - Methodology
Issue Date: Mar-2010
Citation: Jamal Daher, Mustafa Jarrar: Towards a Methodology for Building Ontologies -Classify by Properties. (in Arabic) . In proceedings of the 3rd Palestinian International Conference on Computer and Information Technology (PICCIT 2010). Hebron, Palestine. March 2010.
Abstract: Autonomous and distributed applicator can meaningfully communicate to exchange data and make transactions interoperate independently of their internal technologies. The meaning in an ontology is typically specified through the sub and the super type of a certain concept/class. As we will discuss and explain in this article, this way of specifying the meaning of a certain thing (using sub/super types) is indeed difficult and complex. This because one has to investigate whether these sub/super types are true in reality, not only for applications at hand. In this article we propose a new methodology of specifying the meaning of a certain thing. In other words, instead of classifying arbitrarily, we propose to use properties as classifiers. We claim that our methodology is easier to use and it leads to more ontological consistency.
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