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dc.contributor.authorAdwan, Lina
dc.contributor.authorZawia, Nasser H.
dc.description.abstractDue to the increase in life expectancy and the absence of a cure for Alzheimer’s disease (AD), the number of cases with this debilitating disorder is predicted to triple over the next 40 years to 106.8 million worldwide and 13.2 million in the US, with an annual incidence that will be close to 1 million cases per year in 2050. Current therapeutic approaches merely target the symptoms of the disease but not its core pathology, and fail to alter the devastating course of AD that ultimately leads to terminal memory dysfunction and death. Considering the poor performance of existing drugs, there is an increasing need to develop alternative therapies that modify the disease processen_US
dc.subjectAlzheimer's disease - Preventionen_US
dc.subjectAlzheimer's disease - Treatmenten_US
dc.titleA novel approach for lowering multiple targets in Alzheimer's diseaseen_US
newfileds.departmentPharmacy - Nursing and Health Professionsen_US
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