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dc.contributor.authorHalayqa, Issam-
dc.description.abstractAnimals and animal products contributed significantly to the economy of the Palestinian area. Working animals were used to plough fields, to thresh grain and as a means of transport. However, livestock which yielded foodstuffs and other animal byproducts for consumption were more lucrative. Animal farmers developed many methods to ensure the regular and healthy breeding of their livestock, including the construction of seasonal or permanent establishments as was the case with farmers of plant-based goods. This paper investigates the ethnographical and lexical backgrounds of the terminology used to refer to these indoor or outdoor facilitiesen_US
dc.subjectArabic language - Dialects - Palestineen_US
dc.subjectArabic language - Farms - Terms and phrases - Palestineen_US
dc.subjectArabic language - Animals - Terminology - Palestineen_US
dc.subjectArabic language - Poultry - Terminology - Palestineen_US
dc.titleThe Names of the Traditional Establishments for Animal Breeding and Animal Products in the Palestinian Colloquialen_US
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