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Title: Palestinian higher education: national identity, liberation, and globalization
Authors: Abu Lughod, Ibrahim
Keywords: Higher education - Political aspects - Palestine
Higher education - Aims and objectives - Palestine
College students - Political activity - Palestine
Issue Date: 2000
Publisher: Birzeit University. Ibrahim Abu Lughod Institute of International Studies
Abstract: Palestinian Higher Education: National Identity, Liberation, and Globalization Palestine is part of the Arab world; the Palestinian people, irrespective of their national and residential status, are also part of the Arab nation. [End Page 75] In an important way, no discussion of the evolution of higher education in Palestine and of the Palestinian people can take place outside the two decisive contexts within which it developed and was shaped: the emergence of higher education in the Arab world itself; and the colonial and semicolonial context of higher education, which affected, both positively and negatively, its organization, curriculum, purposes, and contemporary questions.
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